German Press Days 11. & 12. April 2013

Arne Eberle press + sales

presenting the Autumn/Winter 13/14 collections at
Ackerstr. 168
10115 Berlin
U8 Rosenthaler Platz

We are happy to present the following brands:

The label Boessert/Schorn represents extraordinary items, combining materials with characteristic surfaces and structures especially knitwear in all its variations. Boessert/Schorn worked out special handcraft methods, knit techniques or dyeings, basically inspired by old things, craft, traditional costumes, Bauhaus and DADA. Sonia Boessert, the designer behind the label, finds her own design language by draping pattern or unconventional patternmaking out of rectangles.

In summer 2010, the fashion label ETHEL VAUGHN was founded by the Hamburg based designer Katrin Weber offering mens and womens collections.
ETHEL VAUGHN is urban avant-garde, 90s sportswear, color, every day life – with a strong focus on graphics.
Katrin Weber’s creative process is made of fascination, diverse inspirations from all around and pushing forms ahead.
For ETHEL VAUGHN she uses a great variety of materials, colors and forms. Classic cuts combined with sporty simplicity create pieces that are casual and yet flattering with strong extrovert accents which - most of all - show fun and strength.

The autumn/winter 2013/14 collection 'quiet' by Isabell de Hillerin is inspired by the vision of preserved fragments in deep ice.
Long-forgotten traditional elements are hidden like fossils. Barely visible, but once captured in marine-blue water, the ice reveals frozen moments like black stones and green moss.
Moldovan embroidery and Romanian handmade fabrics appear in contemporary fashion, forming a new identity.

JULIAHEUSE is the new fashion label by the eponymous fashion designer, who once has been one half of the Berlin design-duo JULIAANDBEN. Her new project also inherits some of the influences and experiences of JULIAANDBEN. However, JULIAHEUSE is the more adult brand with a sophisticated silhouette. JULIAHEUSE is wearable avant-garde fashion for men and women who can appreciate a rather complex sense of fashion: JULIAHEUSE translates places that are overlooked by most people and things that others throw away into beautifully designed garments.

Julian Zigerli's mens collection stands for useful, smart and technical high-class pieces with a sporty touch. There is always a lot of love, colour and humour involved in his designs.
His new AW13 Collection "Happy Tears" is inspired by the concept of Tears of Joy. These so called "Happy Tears" shoot through our veins like free flowing dopamine and leave us comfortably cringing. The prints, cuts and materials from this collection are reminiscent of the feeling of coming home and at the same time letting go. This intimately familiar laugh echoes through our memories.
Prints made from magnetized iron powder and inked veins support the feelings of power, agitation and liberation.

Designer Ilka Brand launched her artisanal accessory line Lapàporter in 2008. Ilka creates functional accessories for laptops, smartphones, iPods and iPads, with a sumptuous touch of fine luxury leather goods. All items are crafted by hand with an exquisite attention to detail in her Berlin based studio.

The Berlin-based label Maiami was founded in autumn 2003 by Maike Dietrich. The collection consists of hand-knitted sweaters, cardigans and accessories with a modern and unique touch due to their specific shapes, colours, motifs and the use of different materials.
The traditional handcraft knitting is combined with modern components and pursuing this very own aesthetics, Maiami catches the spirit of the time: the return to handmade, feelable, soft products in a time of virtuality, artificiality, synthetics and high tech.
Maiami connects traditional handcraft with modernity and zeitgeist, which creates the appeal of this knitting label and which makes Maiami?s knitted sweaters a must-have in winter but also for chilly spring- and summer nights.

This season, PERRET SCHAAD’s collection cites the contrasts between a dreamy yet harsh frosted landscape and the warmth and pleasure of a cozy home on a cold winter day.
PERRET SCHAAD uses a precise vocabulary of lines and volumes. Their designs result from research and play with the contours and the geometry of the (human) body. The way the fabrics fall is relevant to the designs as it is translated into fluidity, which contrasts sculptural details. Precise outlines are created by sharp cuts, while drapery enhances hidden spaces. The result is silhouettes that are concrete and sensual, strict and naive.

Svenja Specht the designer behind Reality Studio, takes her ideas from the normality that surounds her - her "Reality". It is about taking the mundane, the familiar, and twisting it - turning it upside down and inside out. The "Studio" stands for the action she is taking to do something with this "Reality".
The Autumn/Winter 2013/14 collection 'ZOOLOOK' is a step into Reality Studio’s current expedition. It is about the curiosity and happiness you feel when you discover or learn something new;When it turns your world upside down and makes you see things from another angle. We are the viewer and the viewed – straddling both sides of the picture.

The new Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection 'Miss Lanna' by Laend Phuengkit transports us back in time to 19th century Thailand’s Kingdom of Lanna. Inspired by the unique and elaborate culture of Lanna, the woven cotton and skilfully draped silhouette creations draw on this historical heritage and give it a new lease of life for 2013. Throughout, Laend Phuengkit remains true to his style - emphasising the unison of contrasting elements as well as the combination of Asian and European flavours.

Since 2009, the Berlin fashion designers Viola Jaeger and Sandra Dresp has worked exclusively with high quality material latex.
Their label Très Bonjour stands for the finest couture lingerie and accessories which showcase the original material in an absolutely new context.
Inspired by mystical creatures and auroras, the Autumn/Winter 2013 collection “Magnetic Midnight” demonstrates, once again, just how versatile the material can be implemented.
Through innovative colouring techniques, auroral patterns occur on amber latex contrasting with deep black.
New this season is the Très Bonjour jewellery and bag line:
Whether mystical latex pendants on delicate gold chains, lasered statement-necklaces or minimalistic Clutch Bags – latex captures everyday life in a brand new context!